The Pema by Realm, Thori Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
( 975) 2338888



World-class culinary experiences are integral to the Pema experience.


The Pema and lotus are symbolic of the purity of body, speech and mind, and we celebrate that harmony of body, speech and mind through a range of dining venues catering to any preference and palate. If m bistro represents our soul, Zhego embodies the mind that experiments explore and excite.


And since Zhego, is simply the Bhutanese term for food, that is how serious we are on the subject. At Zhego, we showcase locally inspired world cuisine from a menu that evolves with the seasons and is served against the backdrop of a show kitchen, chef’s bench, cozy mezzanine lounge, and a private dining room with an indoor rock garden.


So versatile, every corner at Zhego transforms to suit your occasion from intimate celebrations, business appointments, informal negotiations and any private event.


Still, what many do not know is that most of the creations served at Zhego are off-the-menu curated meals because our team just can’t resist a good challenge!